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    The delegation led by Board Chairman Yalin Wu visited HIT

    On 7th April 2016, the delegation led by Board Chairman Yalin Wu from Jiangsu Bojun company made a visit to Harbin Institute of Technology. Vice headmaster of HIT , Wenzhong Zhang, held a friendly talk with the the delegation in No.2 Meeting Room of main building. During the talk, two parties had a communication on laser welding technology in Vehicle industry. Hongyun Zhao, the director of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Jicai Feng, the director for Shandong Special Welding Technology Key Laboratory , including some relevant teachers from Technology Department and Welding Department had participated in the talk.


    During the talk, Mr Zhang mentioned that until now HIT had established a very good communication and cooperation with both Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau and some enterprises in Kunshan City. Based on that, a significant development had been achieved in the industries of robot, auto-lightweight product and electron during college-enterprise cooperation. Besides, enterprises can set college-enterprise research center by fully using of innovation party of HIT to combine the technology and talents advantages of HIT with industrial and competition advantages of enterprise. That would make a great difference for promoting enterprises'  transforming and updating and finally achieve the win-win.

    Mr Wu, Board Chairman of Jiangsu Bojun Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd, introduced developing situation and future plan of the company. He expressed that technological reserve shall be planed as transforming and updating is the development tendency. He showed his wishes that Bojun would take the advantage of technology development ability of HIT in college-enterprise cooperation as HIT is famous among engineering colleges. That will push Bojun's technology innovation.The final goal is achieving that technology are used by enterprise, serving for production and creating scientific  achievements. 

     After the careful and close talk, Chairman Wu and the delegation payed a visit to Shandong Special Welding Technology Key Laboratory and had a technical view exchange with Professor Feng about actual problems occurring in automobile component production. Two parties had a further discussion on relevant affairs in college-enterprise cooperation. Both of them expressed the prospect that the cooperation can be settled down ASAP with their promotion and effort.