• Structural Parts of Automotive Products

    Seven product systems: gate systems, steering systems, automotive electronic systems

    Skylights, power systems, interior and exterior systems, seat systems

  • Innovation
  • The R&D center integrates production process feasibility analysis, CAE forming analysis, tooling, gauge, tooling design and manufacture and project management. Now we have admitted more than 160 engineers and technical key members with the productions covering vehicle seat system, steering system, door system, roof system, power system, interiors and exteriors system and electronic system. Moreover, the center involves the research of stamping, welding, riveting, machining, injection molding, assembly and some other procedures and processes as well. 

    Jiangsu Bojun always pay much attention to construction of research, also the talents and investment. Until now, Bojun has cooperated with many universities, such as Harbin Institute Technology, Southeast university, Changzhou University, and set some project research centers and Graduate workstations.

    Deeply working with those universities in the projects of High Precision Stamping Die for Automobiles,High Precision Drawing Die Development,MIG/MAG Welding and Laser Welding Technology Development, Jiangsu Bojun improves the innovation ability in mold technology& welding technology continuously.

    Many technology researches of Jiangsu Bojun have been advanced level in China based on resisting the aim of innovation and change exceed customers` expectation and devoting in vehicle component technology research and innovation. Besides, Jiangsu Bojun has been honored as Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprise  and Suzhou Engineering Technology Research Center because of with numbers of self-developed inventions and utility model patents.